This is what listeners have to say about Sunday Salon.

I LOVED THIS!!!!!! Everything about it.. more more more more!!!! Except that might be saying yes when you don’t want in which case, use the rule of thumbs!!!!
— Jennifer Kotler Clarke
That voice!
— Juline Douglas
Loved this so much! It totally resonated with me.
— Michaela Labriole
I am so excited to introduce the newest podcast on the scene (and even more excited that my friend Andrea Palumbos is the brains behind it!)

Check it out, share it, listen to it, tweet it, and say YES to it!
— Summer Sheridan-Zabre
Enjoyed listening...even though I don’t live in Brooklyn. Your topic is good for anyone and anywhere. I myself am learning that it is ok to say NO especially when it involves things that may do me no good.
— ‎Nancy DeLucia May