Sunday Salon / Greenlight Yourself

Sunday Salon is back! This episode of we're talking about Grennlighting Yourself. With my guests Nicole, Aijah and Jana we talk about being ready to trust ourselves and how much better life is when you do!



Sunday Salon / Milestones

On this Episode of Sunday Salon, we're talking about life's Milestones. With my guests Onyi, Vanessa and Kayvalyn we dig in and talk about traditional milestones, and how to deal with what you want versus what you have and don't have.

Sunday Salon Snippet: Freezing Eggs

Sometimes topics come up in recordings, that are not part of an episode theme but are too good not to share. On this Sunday Salon Snippet I go back to my conversation from The Switch with Valerie, Ashmou and Emily, and we discuss Freezing Your Eggs. Freezing Eggs, people are talking about this to me, to my friends, and now I'm talking about it with them, and so I'm sharing it with you now. 


Sunday Salon / Lust For (Other's) Lives

On this episode of Sunday Salon, I invite Reva, Julie and Jessica over to discuss comparing yourself to others. We all know the grass isn't always greener, but we still look to others to see if we're keeping up. We generally try to avoid it, but sometimes lusting for other's lives can be beneficial.

I'm your host Andrea Palumbos. Let's talk! 

Sunday Salon / The Switch

On this episode of Sunday Salon, I invite Valerie, Ashmou and Emily over to discuss our self perceptions, and the idea that hotness is more of a state of mind. 

I'm your host Andrea Palumbos. Let's talk!

Sunday Salon Snippet: Saying Yes to a Haircut

On this Sunday Salon Snippet: Elizabeth takes time from her busy schedule to come over for a fresh cut and we discuss our mutual issues with saying yes too often!

Episode 1: Saying Yes

I love saying yes! Invites, adventures, new relationships, bring it on! I fill up my life, until I'm totally off balance and need to shift. On this episode I invite over Geri, Kayvalyn and Lauren who all handle saying yes in very different ways.

I'm you're host Andrea Palumbos, let's talk!